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Wardrobe change (banded water snake)

Do you mind?

We all have our mountains to climb

Slither1 - Looking out for one another (banded water snake)

Slither2 - Tailgater (banded water snake)

Slither3 - Rodent master (Eastern diamondback rattle snake)

Slither4 - Heat sensing missle (Eastern diamondback rattle snake)

Slither5 - Early warning system (Eastern diamondback rattle snake)

Slither6 - I can't believe you're afraid of little 'ol me (black racer)

Slither7 - Trail guardian (black racer)

Slither8 - The great intimidator (yellow rat snake)

Slither9 - Seeking yellow rats (Yellow rat snake)

Slither10 - Plant manager (black racer)

Slither11 - On the prowl (Eastern corn snake)

Slither12 - Palm hideaway (Eastern corn snake)

Slither13 - Respect me, even if you fear me (Eastern corn snake)

Slither14 - Cycle of life (Black racer and Southern leopard frog)

Fire ant sets new heavy-weight record for power lifting a black racer

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